Hamsa Yoga Teachers

Alan C. Haras, MA

Alan C. Haras is the owner of Hamsa Yoga, a board certified coach, trained spiritual director, 800-hour Dharma Yoga Teacher, as well as the founder and director of The Cardoner Institute for Contemplative Leadership.  With a Masters in Religious Studies, he has a deep and abiding love for Indian Philosophy and Ignatian Spirituality.  With over 20 years studying transpersonal theories of human development, Alan joyfully and seemlessly draws upon Eastern and Western  perspectives,  and a host of stories, myths and lineages to illustrate shared themes of growth and transformation.  He lives in Rochester, Michigan with his wife Rita G. Patel.  For information about scheduling coaching sessions or workshops with Alan please visit alanharas.com.

Barbara Wolf, PhD.I'm another title

Barbara has been studying and learning from spiritual disciplines, including yoga, for the past 37 years. She is a Clinical Health Psychologist and is the Director of Behavioral Medicine Education at McLaren Regional Medical Center. An associate professor in the departments of Family Medicine and Psychiatry in the Colleges of Human and Osteopathic Medicine at Michigan State University, she teaches medical students and family medicine resident physicians as well as post doctoral clinical health psychology fellows. She has always been interested in the interplay between health, illness and the mindbody. She is currently the principal investigators of two studies, one utilizing yoga and meditation for chronic pain and diabetic patients, and the other, a study of medical students undergoing a ‘mindful medicine’ curriculum. In addition to teaching at Hamsa, she teaches yoga for staff at McLaren Regional Medical Center in their newly developed Wellness Center.

Kim Peterson

Kim began practicing yoga before the birth of her son in 2001. She completed 200-RYT training with Alan Haras and yin yoga teacher training with Lynne Baum in 2012.  Kim has always been interested in fitness and enjoys many outdoor activities. She appreciates the ability of yoga to bring together physical, mental and spiritual health. 

Jodell Wittenberg

Jody has been practicing yoga since 2008 and received her 200 hour teacher training through Hamsa Yoga and has been teaching since 2013.  In addition to yoga, Jody has a love of nature and running.  She draws upon these strengths and incorporates them into her yoga teaching.

Erica Smith
EYT 200 Vinyasa

Erica began her yoga practice nine years ago as a New Year's resolution.  Within a month, she saw all kinds of benefits.  Her spine was stronger, and she no longer experienced lower back pain that had plagued her for years.  She also regained flexibility and a sense of peace.  Yoga alleviates joint pain from her Celiac disease and helps her lead a healthy lifestyle.

In Erica's classes you find light-hearted accessible alignment-focused flows that provide challenges to both beginner and advanced students.  Erica is very grateful to her teacher Dharma Mittra and her mentors for guiding her yoga practices and teaching.  Hari OM

Julie Saville

Julie has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her 200 hour teacher training with Alan Haras in 2013.  The quiet strength, subtleties and depth of the Teachings continue to draw her deeper into her own practice and she is grateful to be able to share that with her students.  Julie & her husband work together in their manufacturing business and have 2 wonderful daughters Ellen & Kate.

Kyna Getsinger

Kyna has been practicing yoga for 13 years and has been teaching consistently for the past six years. She completed her 200-hour ashtanga based teacher certification in 2003 at Greenpath Yoga in San Francisco, lead by Clayton Horton. Upon completion she assisted her original teacher, Rusty Wells, in his vinyasa flow classes at Yoga Tree in San Francisco. She later moved to Traverse City and began teaching mom and baby yoga classes, Vinyasa and gentle classes and occasional kids classes. She has been teaching at Yen Yoga and Fitness in Traverse City since 2010. She is thankful to have attended many teaching workshops with teachers she deeply respects such as Ragunath, Janet Stone, Dharma Mittra, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Bhagavan Das and Jack Kornfield, although she considers her most influential teachers to be her two young children. Kyna believes deeply in the true healing benefits of this practice for all people.

Lesli Maes

Lesli Maes, E-RYT 200, has been a student of yoga since 2002 and a teacher since 2010.  She teaches Hatha Yoga with a passion for helping students discover alignment awareness and balance in their own bodies, hearts, and minds.  Lesli completed her teacher training with Heidi Peters and continues to find inspiration and deeper knowledge with many exceptional teachers.  

Lesli  lives, works, and plays in the local Lake Orion community  with her husband and her two children.  She also substitute teaches in the LO Community Schools and has a degree in Environmental Engineering.

Brieanne Tanner

Brieanne fell into yoga in 2007 and has remained steadfast in her practice since. She learned about Seva, the act of selfless service in 2008 by working on an Off the Mat, Into The World project with her first teacher. She graduated from Beloved Yoga (Flow from the Heart) in Reston, VA Teacher training in 2010.  She feels a strong need to bring yoga to the underserved populations. Brieanne considers herself polyyogic, although she has a steadfast daily ashtanga practice under Matthew Darling, the eldest Authorized Ashtanga teacher in Michigan, is also a devoted student of Alan Haras, and a daily vedic meditation practitioner. In Brieanne's weekly community classes, you will find freedom to "find your flow," and practice at your own pace. She worked for Yoga Alliance for two years, has a Master's Graduate Certificate in HR Management and an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She lives in White Lake with her husband and young son and enjoys writing poetry in her free time.

In 2020, January 8, I’m launching a mindfulness/yoga program  as part of the Houghton Elementary Physical Education (Waterford District) program to include children (ages 5-12) with special needs, high needs, autistic; and those afflicted by trauma. I’ve been proposing this to the principal since my son started school. Then I’ll also be taking the kids on sensory walks with the occupational therapist. It’s almost my 13th year practicing yoga daily (next week) Finally actualizing my HR and Psychology degrees and combining my 13 years of yogic studies.

“Children and adolescents in the U.S.suffer numerous life stressors in both family and school settings, which are known risk factors for mood and other psychological disorders. A recent U.S. survey suggests that the cumulative prevalence of psychiatric problems by 21 exceeds 80 %”

~Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa, Best Practices for Yoga in Schools