Financial Assistance

Hamsa Yoga is committed to making its educational opportunities available to all by keeping the costs of its classes as low as possible, and by  offering a donation-based weekly community class.


Even so, fees may not be within the means of some.  In those cases, Hamsa Yoga is often able to offer reduced rates for classes, and thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, we will be able to offer full tuition remission for a limited amount of 10-classes packages. 


To honor the generosity of the donor, Hamsa Yoga follows a careful discernment process in granting financial assistance to those who are truly in need.  For those interested in receiving one of these 10-class-packages, please email Alan with the subject heading "financial assistance."


A note from our donor:

"Yoga means to yoke, or union.  In an ever increasingly technologically "connected" world, we are less and less connected to others and  to ourselves. I believe in this world where bullying, negativity, hardship and sadness is ever present in the mainstream media and on social media, the world needs more kindness, more love, more selfless acts of goodwill towards others. Hamsa Yoga and the Cardoner Institute have been beacons of guidance and support during my adventure into self awareness and spiritual development.  The true meaning of yoga and satsang can be experienced here.  The need to give back was great.  In the spirit of offering yoga and satsang to those that may be hesitant or reluctant, yet curious; or for those that have a deep need, but not the financial ability, this gift is offered.  It is offered anonymously;  integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking..."

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